From Humble Beginnings

Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. has more than a century focused on quality footwear

In the summer of 1911, Win Brown started his first shoe store operation in Shenandoah, IA with $1,700 in operating capital. Diligent work helped him achieve early success. He ordered 1,100 empty boxes and put his label on them to give customers the appearance of a large stock of women’s and men’s shoes.

From that point on, Brown was on a path to success. When he recognized someone who deserved an opportunity, he would make them a partner and loan the necessary money to get them started in the retail shoe business.

Discover why Brown’s age-old philosophy of outstanding customer service survives today by visiting our Dubuque, IA location.

After starting with just one store, Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. has continued to grow, long after the death of its founder.

  • 1913 – Brown’s net worth was $6,000
  • 1958 – Win Brown dies; the chain consists of 37 stores in four states
  • 2017 – The chain has more than 80 stores in 12 states.

After more than 100 years, Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. continues to operate under the same philosophies and principles that were initiated so long ago. Visit a Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. location to learn why experience lasts more than a lifetime.