Discover Your Own Personal Glass Slipper

Experience the comfort of 3D orthotics in Dubuque, IA

If you’re looking for the perfect shoe that’s custom made just for you, Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. has it. We’re proud to carry ABEO products. ABEO’s B.I.O.system is designed to:

  • Support your feet
  • Align your body
  • Balance weight distribution
  • Increase stability
  • Reduce foot fatigue and joint stress

The system works by having a scan of your foot analyzed for length, width and arch type with a digital foot scan. Your footprint is then matched with the optimal orthotic and arch type to ensure a great fit. Finally, you’ll pick your favorite B.I.O.system shoe style with your orthotic built in.

People have known for years that orthotics help with the health of your feet, so imagine the benefits of having a customized shoe fitting specifically for your footprint. Discover the comfort of wearing a custom-fit shoe by visiting Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. today.

Accommodate your unique feet

ABEO is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing footwear brands in the world by offering comfort, mobility and improved overall wellness. Their SMARTsystem walking shoes, AEROsystem athletic performance shoes, LiTe lightweight athletic shoes and orthotics give everyone an opportunity to find the perfect fit for their feet. The shoes are especially appealing for people with plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuroma, heel spurs and hammer toes. Call 563-845-7699 to learn more about ABEO’s product line at Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.